Campbell Armoury

Product Care

At Campbell Armoury we pride ourselves in using the highest grade of locally sourced leather and although leather is one of the toughest materials around, like most things, some degree of TLC is needed. So the better you care for your leather product, the longer it will serve you and will only look better over time.

It must be said, prevention is always a good place to start so protect your leather with a reputable leather protector. Proper protection can prevent stains and delay dirt build-up.

To clean your leather, use a clean, slightly damp cloth, wipe it down and leave it to dry.

Leather dries out over time, so treat it intermittently when it appears dry with a reputable leather balm. Before you apply any product, we suggest you test it first on a small part at the bottom of the bag. On application, it is suggested that a small quantity of the balm be used by means of a sponge in a circular motion.

Leather is not waterproof so in the event your bag gets wet, pat it down with a clean dry cloth to rid it from excess water and room dry. You may squeeze the bag from time to time as leather might stiffen. Do not expose the wet leather to direct sunlight or heat