Campbell Armoury

At Campbell Armoury we use the finest quality of leather, all meticulously selected and purchased from local tanneries. Our passion for quality is showcased in each of our products, reflecting the time and consciences effort it takes to make each product.

The Selection and Cutting

All leather is meticulously selected to ensure that quality products are offered to all clients.

The Crafting Process

Each product is hand-cut, hand-sewn and fully handcrafted. Our attention to detail and pride remains our focus in our manufacturing process.

Custom work on our Leather

Our products are individual in their own right, with the individual time spent by hand.  We also cater for personal touches to our products.

Gallery of our products

Here are some of our products in and around the city and with some of our clients !

Get in contact with us

Contact us via the form below or via one of our social media platforms, you can also find updates from Campbell Armoury here!